About Us

  • Welcome to SHOOT NJ
  • SHOOT NJ was started in 2007 by Chet Wilson an Army Military Police SRT veteran, SAFTD (Second Amendment Foundation Training Division) National Master Instructor, NRA Training Counselor in all disciplines, NRA Rifle Coach and CMP Master Instructor.
  • In 2015 SHOOT NJ switched over to SAFTD when the NRA went to on-line blended training and outsourced other training.SAFTD17.gif
  • SHOOT NJ is a fully insured corporation.
  • Most of the instructors of SHOOT NJ are certified with multiple national firearms organizations.   


  • Many of our instructors are former/current military and law enforcement. Their vast experience and expertise is what sets apart from other companies.
  • Our instructors all have over 100 hours of nationally recognized firearms instructor training as a minimum.
  • SAFTD instructors have mandatory year continuing education requirements twelve hours.
  • SAFTD instructors have yearly qualifications, one example is a 90% on the FBI pistol qualification.
  • All SAFTD instructors are CPR/AED and First Aid Certified.
  • All classes taught by SHOOT NJ are nationally recognized "SAFTD". This means our classes are not made up at someones kitchen table locally as it seems many instructors are doing recently.
      We invite you to research other companies/instructors, classes and inquire they are even insured or first aid trained for your safety.  Who approved their classes?
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