SAFTEA Handgun Concealed Carry Student

The SAFTD Handgun Concealed Carry class fulfills many states (NOT ALL) requirements for a concealed permit.

This comprehensive two-day class covering everything from choice of handgun, ammo, holster and how to correctly and safely draw from a strong side out of the waistband holster. Also covered is situational awareness, shooting aftermath and live range time.

If you are looking for a concealed carry permit from a specific state, please check with your state before signing up for this class. Many states require you attend their specifically designed and or approved class.

First day and morning of second day is classroom the rest is range practice.

You will need bring your handgun, out of the waistband holster (NO soft nylon or Serpa style holster allowed), 250 rounds of ammo, two magazines with magazine holster, sight and hearing protection. Please check weather and dress accordingly, no open toed shoes.



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