SAFTD Methods of Instruction (MOI)

Method of Instruction (MOI)MOIsm (16 hours-2 days)
You will be able to teach four 4 classes when you complete these classes.
This class is one of your first steps in becoming a SAFTD Instructor. Other options, you can take Handgun 1 first or even Range Officer. These classes can be taken as a workshop or one at a time when your schedule permits.
The purpose of the SAFTD MOI is to introduce the new Instructor Candidate to the teaching methods that SAFTD has adopted, and to instill the teaching methods,policies and procedures, professional ethics, and business models of Second Amendment Foundation Training Division to all instructor candidates.
Two days will cost you $275.00 (We provide breakfast, lunch and all manuals)
Please compare our instructor program with any other nationally recognized program.
16 hours+ Range officer 8 hours+ Basic Student Class 8 hours+ Instructor class 8 hours+ CPR/AED and First Aid. (Not a 2 day only show up and pass class)
In this a (2) two day course you will learn:
  • MOI Introduction
  • SAFTD Organizational information
  • Class structure  
  • Classroom Presentation
  • Running a Range
  • SAFTD Teaching methods
  • SAFTD Ethics
  • Teaching a mini class.
  • Administrative Information
  • SAFTD Rules & Policies
  • Class Rules/Edicts
  • What is expected of the Instructor Candidate?
  • Inappropriate Language
  • History of SAF and SAFTD
  • Becoming a member of SAF
  • Second Amendment Foundation Training Division Membership
  • Levels of Instructors
  • Revoking/suspending of instructor credentials
  • Fields of training
  • Visual aids
  • Range Etiquette
  • Principles of Learning
  • Teaching Aids
  • Feedback and Assessment
  • After Action Reports
  • Training Culture
  • Situational Awareness
  • Teamwork in Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Dealing with Problem & Dominant Students
  • Dealing with Volunteers
  • How to keep Volunteers
  • Failing a student   
  • Handicapped students
  • Use of SAFTD Trademarks
  • Insurance
  • Maintaining Training Records
  • Reporting Issues
  • Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web sites
  • Business Standard Operating Procedures
  • Media relations
  • Sponsors
  • Cost analysis of a class and More.

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