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2021 SAFTD Precision Rifle #1 (April 24-25)  SAFTD Precision Rifle #2 (May 8-9)   SAFTD Precision Rifle #3 (May 29-30)
Classes are held in Huntingdon Pa 16652 area (Range address will be emailed once payment is received. We train at a private range and do not wish the address public.  We also demo items not allowed in NJ.
Class Price includes: Light breakfast, lunch, tasty beverages, use of mats, spotting scopes, steel targets, etc
Civilians with no criminal record are eligible to enroll in the SAFTD long range classes.
 NOTE: Check the BIO of your next instructors, if you are shopping around. (You really should be shopping around).
Things to remember, Law Enforcement Marksmen rarely shoots past 100 yards (real world), Military Designated Defensive Marksman shoot out to 500+ yards and Military Snipers out past 1000 yards.  The Army Sniper school is 7 weeks long and many Law Enforcement are at least two weeks long. It takes extended practice to become proficient, sub 1" MOA at 100 yards and engaging targets past 1000 yards with consecutive hits.
How long was the class your potential instructor attended? No two day class will ever make you a good long range shooter. If anyone tells you different they are lying.
The SAFTD has three two day Precision Rifle classes and 1 advanced 3 day class so you are not overwhelmed with all the information you will need to learn. This also gives you time to shoot and sharpen your skills and practice.
All three classes total is approx $1,400 (6 days- 40+ hours) Manuals, shooting cards, Lite breakfast and full lunch are included.
Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM) is an advanced methods 3 day class, 20+ hour class. This is a abridge version for experienced shooters.
The goal of the Second Amendment Foundation Training Division's “Precision Rifle” course is to provide the already solid based student with more advanced longer distance theory and refined shooting skills. This is not a defensive class. These series of classes are not designed for the beginner rifle shooter.
The student must have a good working understanding of their rifle and optics for the Precision Rifle #2 and #3 class. The shooters equipment must be able to hold a minimum of 1 MOA at 100 yards and must be zeroed before class. (A quality rental firearm will be available for an additional fee if you do not own a long range rifle. Rental rifles will be available for an additional fee if you do not own a long range rifle.
Instructors:  Former Army MP SRT Counter Sniper (AMU trained), Infantry Defensive Designated Marksmen (Current Law Enforcement), Army SF and Infantry Sniper (Ret) also one civilian long rang shooter competitor.  All are SAFTD Master instructors (
You must have a rifle system and ammunition capable of a 1" MOA at 100 yards. Heavy barrel, bipod with Match Grade ammo all of the same weight and type.
  • Precision Rifle #1 ($325) 100-300 yards Holding a 2" MOA.  This class helps you understand basic long range theory. Test/prove your equipment, properly fit it to you and Zero it. (Some Steel targets)
  • Class Price includes: SAFTD Manuals, DOPE Cards, Mil Dot Master, use of range.
  • 1    
  • Topics:
  • Safety
  • Rifle/Optics System set-up
  • Basic Ballistics
  • Mil radian and MOA explanation
  • Kim's Games
  • Windage
  • Data Book Use 
  • Basic Marksmanship Techniques
  • Rifle Zero. Grouping Exercise/Cold Bore/Hot
  • Elevation and Windage corrections
  • Supported and Unsupported Shooting
  • Compensating for Environmental Conditions
  • Tall target test
  • 2"X2" group @  100 yards
  • Use of data Programs
  • Awareness & Observation
  • FBI Qualification
  • 150 rounds


  • Precision Rifle #2 ($385) We pay all range fees and use of Steel Targets
  • 0-1000 yards (Depending on weather and range) unknown distance in woods, angled shooting and spotting.(Huntington Pa)


A number of topics will be covered in the “Precision Rife 2  course, these include but are not limited to:

  • Topics:
  • Human mechanics while shooting
  • Kim's games
  • Try different Precision Rifle Systems
  • Safety
  • Data Book Use
  • Basic Long Range Marksmanship Techniques
  • Unusual Position Shooting
  • Extreme Angle Shooting
  • Known/ Unknown distance engagements
  • Use of Tripods
  • Hasty setup
  • Duties of spotter and shooter
  • Spotter and shooter communications.
  • 300 rounds


Precision Rifle #3 ($400)  (We pay all range fees)

  • 0-1000 yards Advanced atmospherics, ballistics and spotting. This class gets your LP DOPE.  (Huntington Pa)


    • Topics:
    • Safety
    • Rifle Zero Check
    • Kim's Games
    • Position Shooting
    • Gather data to 1,000 yards
    • Range Estimation
    • 'Known/ Unknown distance engagements
    • Use of data Programs
    • Awareness & Observation
    • 250 rounds
Designated Defensive Marksman "Civilian" ($650)-You must already be comfortable with your zeroed rifle.  (Steel Targets)
  • 4 days - 25-500 yards, for semi-auto scoped rifles 5.56 to .308
  • This is an accelerated DDM class not a basic class! There are no handgun used, no pushups or running. This class is all practical DDM theory, hands on shooting and learning on the go.
  • Your main instructor was a DDM for the State Department and was deployed.    

  • Topics:
  • Hides
  • Stalking
  • Multiple targets
  • Kim's games
  • Half Zero
  • Known and unknown distance
  • Quick target acquisition
  • 300 rounds                                                                                  

 Camo gear and or Ghilli suit required.

Minimal Required equipment

  • Shooting mat*
  • Shooting bi-pod (bags not recommended)*
  • Spotting scope*
  • Pencil/pen and notepad (We provide)
  • Data entry book (DOPE) (We will supply work cards.)
  • Ballistic Calculator (Phone is OK) so are Analog computers
  • 200 rounds of quality Match grade ammunition*
  • Ear and Eye protection (electronic muffs required).
  • Ammunition: Factory fresh match ammo only. NO RELOADS or specialty ammo (tracer armor, steel core).
  • Bi-pod (recommend 6″-9″, 9″max) and rear support bag.
  • Sturdy Shoes, Long Pants,
  • Scope
    • Mil-Dot reticle or MOA reticle with external adjustable knobs for elevation and windage.                                                                                             
    • Capable of MOA adjustments to 800 yards (example: 40 MOA for 1,000 yards on a .308 and 12 Mils for 1,000yds on a .308); a 20+ MOA mount may be necessary.
  • Comfortable clothing, knee-pads (optional but recommended)
  • Owner Manual for your scope
  • Pants [NO shorts]
  • Comfortable footwear for rough terrain
  • Rain gear.
  • Hydration system or Bottled water.
  • Baseball Cap Course

Length of Courses: 16 Hours (approx).

* These items may be rented (Prepaid). Rifle 7.62 bolt rifle and Match grade ammo 200 rounds $325.  

There are short breaks and a lunch break throughout both the classroom session and shooting range drills. We supply water, coffee and a box lunch.

Brass belongs to the range if you are renting rifle.

All of these classes assume you can accurately shoot your rifle.

 Classes are removed once they are full or at the cut off date:

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